The Riviera Lifestyle

The Riviera Lifestyle is a fine blend of fashion and luxury. The perfect mix of old charm and new trends are the trademarks of this club, which was founded in Cannes in the year 1998 by Le Bleu Tropical. It combines the best of French elegance with a bit of southern hospitality and flair. This is one of those clubs where you can truly feel the heartbeat of Cannes.

The Riviera Lifestyle has its own villa on the Caribbean coast of Saint Tropez. The villa offers the most magnificent view of the Mediterannean Sea. It is only a few steps from the beach and yacht. The yacht has been tailor-made for the rich and famous, and also includes private pools, an outdoor pool bar and spacious sun decks for those cool nights.

The villa is located at the very end of the yacht’s long black runway. You have to walk a little distance to reach it. On every side of the condo, natural beauty is reflected in magnificent paintings and sculptures. The architecture here is exquisite, with columns, arches and tiles. The black granite countertops and stainless steel appliances add up to a luxurious feel.

The black and white swimming pool is a refreshing 20-minute swim, and you can even enjoy some fresh sea breezes here. The luxurious interiors of the villa are ultra modern and also include a spa area and sauna room. The villa overlooks Saint Pilates Island, with the coastline on one side and the bay on the other. For those who like to spend time under the sun, the waterfront is the place to be.

This is another luxury villa situated in the beautiful, Mediterannean countryside, close to the French Alps. The seaside and picturesque surroundings are perfect for spending a vacation or just relaxing. The beaches are very safe, as there are lifeguards around all the beaches in the vicinity of the villa. There are also plenty of nice restaurants and bars to choose from on the coast, along with most of the resorts and hotels having regular services.

The Riviera Lifestyle allows you to retire in luxury and enjoy all that France has to offer. It is not hard to find a nice place to live, as there are many nice and cozy apartments, and cottages all along the coastal area. If you want to learn more about retiring in the Riviera, then you could try one of the many interesting Riviera Lifestyle blogs and online forums. The internet is a great place to find out more information about living in the peaceful natural beauty of the Riviera.