Marseilles: An Ideal Holiday Destination

Marseilles, a seaside port city in southwestern France, is known for its history and its culture. At its core is the Old Port, where fishermen sell their catch on the seaward side of the harbor. The famous Basilica Notre-Dame de la-Gonde, built around 500 B.C., is a Romanesque-Byzantine edifice. The imposing Etoile de la Salle is a Gothic basilica. Modern landmarks include Le Cordon Bleu; the historic Citibank Tower, and the Zaha Hadid Architects-designed Citigroup building. Marseilles was the birth place of the world-renowned Riviera Hotel, which is located in the center of the Old Port. You can still take a ride over the Old Port with an adult on a ferry that connects Paris to Marseilles.

Marseilles is an excellent place to spend your holidays in the sun, because it offers a variety of activities and attractions for everyone. Marseilles also has some of the best beaches in France. In addition to the beach, Marseilles offers the beaches surrounding it, as well as plenty of shopping, fine dining, and other nightlife options. You will be able to enjoy the pleasures of Marseilles without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home, thanks to the modern facilities available in hotels and resorts throughout the city.

One of the things that set Marseilles apart from other cities in France is the city’s hospitality industry. Visitors to the city are warmly greeted and treated by restaurants, shops, and even some of the restaurants themselves. Marseilles hotels are a haven for people who are looking for quality and value for their money. Hotels in Marseilles are also very affordable and provide travelers with luxurious amenities. For travelers looking to save money while they enjoy the pleasures of a trip, there are many choices to choose from. Marseilles hotels that offer a discount or even no extra fee on their services. There are also many places to eat and drink in Marseilles that tourists will not be disappointed with, including world famous bars and restaurants.