Things To Do In Menton

Have you ever wanted to visit Menton, France? It is located on the border to Italy some 20 kilometres east of Nice and has been a popular tourist destination for years. Since its founding in the Thirteenth century, this city has changed little. Even today, it offers the charm and elegance.

The primary center of Menton is its Old Town. You will be able to walk from here down to the port of Rouen. Its Medieval streets are filled with beautiful buildings and medieval shops. Its rich culture is also reflected in its architecture. The city is quite proud of its history and it is still able to retain the accent of those times.

Menton border France Italy

In addition to the Old Town, you can visit the Port of Menton. This port is the second largest in France and is home to the well-known harbor. You can take a trip out on the sea to enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastline. It is also home to a number of unique landmarks. Here, you will get to see some exotic fishes as well as seals.

The City of Menton is quite unique in that it is situated between two oceans. The sea side is dominated by the ancient cliffs and the rock promontory. Menton also experiences the natural beauty of the cliffs and rock promontory. It is surrounded by rolling countryside and bogs. At the beach you will find idyllic spots for swimming and surfing. This city is also famous for the excellent collection of art and antiques.

If you love the idea of visiting idyllic beaches but would like to stay in a more cosmopolitan city, then you should also consider visiting the City of Cannes. This is one city that is popular not only with celebrities but with tourists as well. It offers an excellent array of restaurants, shopping centers, theatres and nightlife. Although there are many modern hotels available in Cannes, the old-world charm of this city makes it a great choice. You can even opt for a beautiful Chateau Le Vic, which is situated near the sea.

The City of Cannes is not only popular because of its lovely beaches and idyllic setting. This city has a thriving music scene, as well. There are many recording studios and music schools in this city. As a matter of fact, this city is not only very scenic but also very quiet. So, if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful place to settle down, then you should seriously consider moving to this part of France.