Where to Go When Visiting Swedish Lapland

A visit to Swedish Lapland is a wonderful experience. It has a rich cultural background made up of two different regions – the Norrbotten and Västerbotten Counties. Contrary to popular belief, there is more to this region than the northern lights and the tundra. Take a tour of this place and you will encounter one of the oldest indigenous cultures on earth, the Sami people, as well as jaw-dropping scenery.

Places to Visit

Although small in terms of landmass, Swedish Lapland offers you several amazing locations you should check out. One such location is Abisko National Park as it has fantastic scenery and is a great place to view the northern lights from. Another location you should definitely visit is Sápmi Nature Camp as you can see nature in all its glory. Also, if you like mountain hiking, there’s plenty of it available here.

Engaging in Activities

If you want to enjoy your visit to Swedish Lapland, it makes sense to choose a hotel that will make the experience smooth. Choosing the right place to lodge will help you maximise all the activities you plan on engaging in. An example is CAMP RIPAN hotel in Kiruna with awesome customer service, comfortable accommodation, and fun activities. With Camp Ripan, you get access to exclusive Swedish meals, Aurora Spa and a unique experience for all seasons.